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Safe and PURE..... Helpful for children, teens and adults
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Attention - Focus - Memory - Mood
Simply Natural ADD/ADHD Product 

Safe, natural alternative to other types of ADD and ADHD treatment

Helps with the symptoms of ADD and ADHD - naturally.
Liquid ADHD Supplement Preferred By Children

Attention deficit and/or hyperactivity disorder affects the ability to pay attention (focus) and it contributes to lack of impulse control, restlessness, emotional "meltdowns" and more.

SNAP is scientifically formulated to help with attention, focus, memory and mood. It is an effective alternative to prescription adhd medications for children and adults that have concerns with or exhibit symptoms of ADHD. While not as strong as prescription medications, this natural formula works well for many children and adults who experience attention and focus challenges.

Used to support focus and concentration, which can be helpful for children with attention deficit and/or hyperactivity concerns.

Liquid formula preferred by children - add to a glass of juice and you're good to go.

What's in it and how does it help for treatment of adhd?

Vitamin B-6
A B-complex vitamin that makes antibodies and helps maintain normal nerve function.
Low levels of Vitamin B have been linked to anxiety, restlessness, fatigue, irritability, and emotional instability. Helps reduce hyperactivity and increase attention levels.

DMAE  (Dimethylaminoethanol) is an organic compound that is naturally produced in the human brain It is believed to boost the levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which benefits focus and "settles" alpha brainwaves. DMAE boosts the production of brain chemicals essential for concentration, short-term memory, and aids in the ability to learn. It is known to increase attention span, boost energy as well as to help reduce anxiety and violent behavior.

Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid found in every cell of the human body.
Phosphatidylserine is a safe and effective therapeutic agent used for treating ADHD
and for which many specialists refer to as a natural alternative from Ritalin and Adderall.

In clinical trials, Phosphatidylserine has been shown to improve focus and reduced stress in participants, which can help to lessen some symptoms associated with ADHD.

Studies show improvement with short-term auditory memory, inattention and impulsivity.
With over 3,000 studies done to assess the effectiveness of Phosphatidylserine in the treatment of ADHD, the bioactive molecule is now believed to provide positive benefits.
For people diagnosed with ADHD, Phosphatidylserine can help to reduce stress, hyperactivity, and mood imbalances while boosting cognitive clarity and memory.
Increase mental focus and attention
• Promote memory formation, learning and cognition
• Relieve depression and boost the mood
• Relieve signs of stress caused by hyperactivity through a reduction of cortisol levels

The use of phosphatidylserine has been proven safe in standard toxicology tests. The large number of clinical studies and researches conducted on phosphatidylserine produced a flawless record.  It  is favored by many parents as an alternative ADHD treatment for their children, particularly among those who are concerned about the side effects of prescription stimulants such as amphetamine salts commonly prescribed for ADHD treatment today.


In double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, Rhodiola rosea prevented mental fatigue, reduced errors, enhanced learning, and improved the quality of work.
Rhodiola rosea has been shown to improve moods, and boost mental clarity.
Research shows that it reduces fatigue and improves  physical and mental performance, improved neuromotor test responses, reduced mental fatigue, and improved general well being. 
Rhodiola rosea's effects are attributed to its ability to optimize serotonin and dopamine levels.
Rhodiola has a calming effect on our body and mental state because of an ability to reduce cortisol, one of our major stress hormones.
It is thought to help oxygen intake and to increase the body's ability to handle stress

Rhodiola  increases the sensitivity of your neurons (the brain's THINKING cells) to the presence of dopamine and serotonin, two neurotransmitters involved in focus, memory, pleasure, mood, and a whole bunch of other nice feelings. This plant has been used as an extremely effective alternative to antidepressants, and can be a welcome mental boost for just about anyone


L-tyrosine is beneficial for calming and to maintain cognitive function under stress.  There is preliminary evidence to suggest its' benefit when using it for conditions like ADHD.

In the brain, L-Tyrosine becomes a fundamental element of key neurotransmitters dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. These are all natural hormones known to govern the body’s fight or flight responses and they trigger reactions to stimuli that is stressful. One of these reactions is a calm, focused mental state, which the brain needs to handle stressful situations successfully. By increasing the amounts of these chemicals produced, in addition to initiating their re-uptake and recycling, L-Tyrosine helps ensure hormone levels remain balanced and never spike up or down. The result is a focused, energetic, confident state of mind, which makes dealing with stress and distractions easier.
Amphetamines like Adderall are known to increase the amount of dopamine available in the brain . Dopamine is the neurotransmitter connected to mental energy, drive, some motor control, pleasure, and mental focus. Enhanced mental focus and control of attention results with an increase of dopamine levels. This makes L-Tyrosine beneficial for the treatment of ADHD and other behavioral disorders. In fact, it is effective for controlling the symptoms of anxiety and depression and is widely used in the treatment of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Distorder.

NAC -  N-ACETYL CYSTEINE has so many uses and and can help people with a diverse set of issues, including mood disorders, brain issues, lung problems, sleep disorders, infections and it can even help protect you from the flu  It is used to treat a variety of conditions involving cognitive disruption or deficits. Extended use of NAC holds indications for increased health benefits because of the antioxidant effects which help to arrest free radicals and protect the body from damage at a cellular level. This also serves as an immune boosting agent with detoxification properties that greatly improve heart, liver and brain health.
The nootropic effects are a reduction in anxiety and for many, irritability.


Taurine is the second-most important inhibitory transmitter in the brain after GABA.

. Taurine, is an amino acid known for its role in brain development and may promote positive changes in the developing child's brain. Some medical practioners believe that ADD and ADHD may be a result of the brain's inability to regulate itself. If this is the case, or if there is some kind of nutritional deficiency, L-Taurine may be helpful.
Here, it functions as a mild sedative. Overall, Taurine's  effectiveness for these conditions shows it to be promising as a nutritional approach to ADD/ADHD treatment

Neurotransmitters affect both behavior and learning. A neurotransmitter deficiency consequently has a dramatic effect on childrens or adults abilities to learn and function in an orderly manner.

Some of the major symptoms of neurotransmitter deficiencies are ADD, ADHD, brain fog, mood swings, increased stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, irritability, and aggression.
Stress plays a major role in the depletion of neurotransmitters.
Inhibitory neurotransmitters are the keys to behavior, emotions, and pain. Inhibitory amino acids include tryptophan, taurine, GABA, and glycine.

The Blended Supplement Formula - SNAP

SNAP as an alternative ADHD treatment is safe and makes total sense. Both are working on the same neurological pathways. Thankfully, unlike prescription medicines, SNAP won't damage your kidneys and liver, stagnate your growth, or give your heart palpitations. If you are seeking a safe alternative  for help to control ADHD symptoms in children or adults then SNAP may be right for you. You can manage ADHD symptoms in children and adults NATURALLY.
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