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Symptoms of ADHD
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ADHD symptoms can vary from one person to the next.
We are, after all, individuals with our own personalities and distinctive mannerisms. Symptoms of ADHD in children are different in boys than they are in girls. In fact, many more boys are diagnosed with ADHD than girls. It doesn't necessarliy mean that boys are affected at greater numbers than girls. It just means that boys are diagnosed with ADHD more often than girls are. This is likely because the symptoms are so different for girls than they are for boys.

It's easy to see the hyperactivity in boys and the chaos they can bring when affected. It's not so easy to see the symptoms of ADHD in girls and in fact, they are often overlooked. This can spell disaster for girls and women. They sit and daydream, frustrated they can't get their homework done and next thing you know, they're failing in school. They become depressed, overly emotional and life gets complicated. Left untreated, many girls fail in school and fail to achieve the best life they could have. Professionals believe that the ratios of ADHD in children, boys to girls may be incorrect due to symptoms being missed in the girls.

Read about symptoms of ADHD in girls here and ADHD symptoms in boys.

As one might expect, adult ADHD symptoms differ between men and women.
Here, you can learn about the variations, how ADHD affects children and how it's different for boys than for girls. Try all natural SNAP for treatment of ADHD in children. Many parents wonder if their child has ADD or ADHD. It is common to become concerned, worried and anxious when you think your child may be affected.

Diagnosis of ADHD is common today, especially in boys. While it may be distressing to parents, it really shouldn't be looked at as a "disorder". We know that's what it's called yet this is a 'disorder" of most intelligent and creative people. Don't worry if your child is diagnosed with ADHD or if you're an adult with ADHD. Worry more about the treatment and medication for ADD and ADHD. These can be the true hazards. It's well known that the medication for ADHD comes with certain negative side effects. These can be dangerous to one's health and well-being.

Learn about medications for adhd and the dangers they can cause, explore the natural treatment for ADHD called SNAP

Discover the benefits of the ADHD brain and know that while life may get complicated if you have ADHD, rest assured, you're in good company - check out these famous people that all had or have ADHD

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Symptoms of ADHD

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